8-2: Political Activity, Solicitation, and Vending – Procedures

  1. SFCC allows political activity, solicitation, and vending on College property, including Main Campus and the Santa Fe Higher Education Center as well as any other owned or leased property.
  2. To be considered for permission to access SFCC facilities to engage in political activity, solicitation, or vending, applicants must:
    1. Submit a completed Table Request for Political Activity, Solicitation and Vending to the Office of Conference Services and Special Events at least 30 days in advance.
    2. Not disrupt or interfere with normal College operations.
    3. Remain within their assigned areas during the approved date(s) and time(s).
    4. Leave the area at the designated time.
    5. Ensure the assigned area is clean when vacated.
  3. Requests may require special approval from the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations and/or the President.
  4. College facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Location assignments may be subject to change.
  6. SFCC prohibits food vending on College property unless authorized by the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations and the Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer (SFCC Policy 6-14 Catering on Campus).

Contact:          Todd Lovato, Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Fran Nawrocki, Conference Services Coordinator

Updated:         3/13/2024