5-8: Parking and Roadways – Procedures

A. The Director of Facilities is responsible for developing and implementing a parking enforcement plan for determining the designation and appropriate use of roadways and parking spaces on campus.

B. Parking

  1. SFCC has established designated parking areas to accommodate special needs such as for handicapped or disabled persons, special recognition for commuter pools, and general parking.
  2. Parking for disabled individuals is a priority. Handicap permits must be properly displayed in vehicles at all times while parked on SFCC property, as required by law (66-7-352.5 NMSA 1978).
  3. Parking in areas that have closer proximity to campus buildings is clearly marked and reserved to support incentives and rewards such as Employee of the Month, and Eco or green parking.
  4. As part of SFCC’s environmental initiatives, the College has established a Carpool Parking Program open to students and employees. Campus Safety and Security administers and monitors the program. Permits are issued to registered applicants on a semester‐to-semester basis. Eligible carpools consist of two or more individuals consistently commuting to campus together in one vehicle (members can register more than one vehicle). Additional information and applications can be found at
  5. Reserved parking is available for VIPs and Governing Board members in the flexible parking lot. To request a reserved parking space, a recognized College department or office must submit a form to Campus Safety and Security.
  6. Requests should be submitted within these timelines:
    • 20 or fewer spaces – 2 business days prior to reservation date
    • 21 or more spaces – 5 business days prior to reservation date
  1. Campus Safety and Security will approve the request and will send it to the named SFCC contact.
  2. The permit, which denotes the reservation date and space number, must be displayed on the dashboard.
  3. Campus Safety and Security will designate the appropriate space as reserved the evening before arrival and will monitor vehicles for compliance.
  4. Bikes are allowed in designated areas. Students should ensure bikes are locked up on bike racks when unattended.
  5. The use of skateboards, roller-skates and rollerblades is not allowed on campus.

C. Roadways

  1. The College is committed to keeping the roads and parking lots unobstructed, which includes the maintenance of vegetation in spring and summer and snow removal in winter.
  2. For the protection and convenience of campus community members and visitors to campus, Safety and Security Officers:
    • Provide a walking escort to and from the parking lots upon request, any time of day or night.
    • Will help anyone jump-start their vehicle on campus, and can assist with low or flat tires upon request.
    • Do not provide assistance with maintenance or repair of any vehicle.
    • Do not provide assistance to help retrieve keys out of a locked car.

Contact:     Nick Telles, Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer

                       Dobby Schmidt, Director of Facilities

Updated:        12/14/15