2-25: Mandatory New Student Orientation and Advising for First-Year Students – Procedures

  1. New, full-time, degree-seeking students will be notified about the required New Student Orientation (NSO) and advising in their letter of admission.
  2. These students will have an automatic hold on their account preventing them from registering until they attend NSO and attend an advising session.
  3. After students attend NSO and complete their advising session, the registration hold will be lifted.
  4. Student transcripts will reflect attendance at NSO.
  5. Students are advised and given assistance to register at the conclusion of NSO.
  6. Students will be provided with information about programs and resources that are available to enhance student success (such as Tuto1ing, Disability Services, and TRIO).
  7. All students will be informed about their role and responsibility in being successful students and in achieving their academic and career goals.
  8. The advising hold will be placed on student accounts each semester until the students have earned 16 cumulative credits.
  9. Continuing students with fewer than 16 completed credits will be able to attend a group advising session or make an appointment to meet with individually with an advisor.
  10. Students who are unable to attend New Student Orientation and/or meet with an advisor in person will have alternative options to complete these activities.


Contact:       Tammy Duran, Director of Advising

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