2-25: Mandatory New Student Orientation and Advising for First-Year Students – Procedures

  1. In order to promote student success, professional academic advisors will actively conduct outreach to students regarding options and responsibilities in achieving their academic and career goals through multiple modes of communication efforts, such as phone calls, emails, online meetings.
  2. Professional academic advisors will provide ongoing support to students by assisting them in developing an educational plan and in aligning their academic pathways. Advisors will meet at the beginning and throughout the students’ experience at SFCC to assure that students continue to experience success and stay informed of degree requirements.
  3. As a functional resource, professional academic advisors will incorporate an Academic Advising syllabus that outlines academic advisement guidelines and expectations between advisors and advisees.
  4. New degree-seeking students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for their first semester and are strongly encouraged to participate in New Student Orientation. Professional academic advisors will reach out to students to schedule an advisement session to assist with initial registration.
  5. The academic advisor will maintain a communication log through the degree audit system as designated by the College. Professional academic advisors will be available to meet and assist students through the entire educational journey.
  6. Should a student change their declared major, a new academic advisor will be assigned and will reach out to the student for an initial one-on-one advisement session where new program details will be provided.
  7. Professional academic advisors will collaborate with faculty and staff to determine services needed on individual basis, e.g., Accessibility Services, tutoring, etc.
  8. All academic advisors will have access to training and available systems to better facilitate advisement sessions with students.

Contact:          Thomasinia Ortiz Gallegos, Associate Vice President for Student Success

                        Tammy Duran, Director of Advising and First-Year Experience

Updated:         5/10/2021