5-5: Key Distribution and Control – Procedures


A. Keys are issued upon presentation of a properly approved key request form issued by the Facilities and Operations Office.

B. Signing the key request form acknowledges responsibility to safeguard keys at all times and to return keys to the Facilities and Operations Office when requested by supervisor or when no longer employed.

C. Lost keys will be reported to the Facilities and Operations campus locksmith and/or Safety and Security as soon as possible. If a key is lost or stolen, the person who signed for the key is responsible for paying a fee per the schedule on the key request form. The fee is payable at the Cashier’s Office. Before a replacement key is issued, a receipt must be presented for reissuance.

D. The there is no cost for the original issue of a key. Broken, worn or damaged keys will be replaced at no charge upon presentation of broken, worn or damaged keys.

E. On separation from SFCC the key must be returned to the Facilities and Operations Office. If keys are not returned, the employee must pay a fee according to the schedule.

F. Keys are issued for the individual’s use and must not be loaned to others at any time.

G. Keys may not be transferred to another person without the proper completion of the key access form.

H. Persons using their keys after closing hours are responsible for making sure all doors are closed and locked.

Contact:     Nick Telles, Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer

                       Dobby Schmidt, Director of Facilities

Updated:        August 2016