3-12: Faculty Qualifications – Procedures

  1. Employees who are hired to teach credit bearing courses will provide documented credentials that support Policy 3-12.
  2. Documentation of credentials will be recorded on the SFCC Record of Verification of which supporting documentation will include any portion of the following:
    1. Official transcripts from an accredited institution,
    2. Tested experience, which may include any of the following:
      1. professional or industry certification(s),
      2. professional portfolio,
      3. documentation of relevant experience specific to the content of the course(s) for which the faculty member is responsible, and/or
      4. documentation of demonstrated skill sets.
    3. The SFCC Record of Verification is completed by the prospective or existing employee, reviewed and approved by the Department Chair, Dean, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, and maintained with the Office of Human Resources. (Note: SFCC Record of Verification must accompany academic transcript.)
  3. At a minimum, official transcripts, a signed Record of Verification, and curriculum vitae or resume (if qualifying by tested experience, will reside in a personnel file in the Office of Human Resources.)
  4. At a minimum, supporting records for tested experience such as portfolio and multi-media documentation will be maintained at the departmental level.

Download the SFCC Record of Verification of Faculty Qualifications form

Contact:               Margaret Peters, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Updated:             4/19/2017

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