5-4: Facility Allocation and Management – Procedures

A. When a campus space or office is to be vacated, the supervisor of that area must notify the Executive Director of Plant Operations, Maintenance, Safety and Security or his designee as soon as possible using the appropriate form (Renovation/Furniture Request and/or a Relocation Request).

B. Requests for remodeling, rearrangement, or change in function of any campus space, office or classroom must be endorsed by the supervising dean or Executive Team-level supervisor and approved by the Executive Director of Plant Operations, Maintenance, and Safety and Security. Requests for rearranging or moving furniture requires a 48-hour notice and must have proper written prior approval.

C. The Executive Director of Plant Operations, Maintenance, Safety and Security monitors all space, office, and classroom usage on a routine basis and has the prerogative to reassign and reconfigure spaces to insure all OHSA, construction, safety and fire codes are followed as well as to determine whether modifications of spaces are necessary and appropriate.

D. A request does not imply acceptance nor guarantee a 48-hour turnaround. A request simply starts the process.

E. All requests must align the with the College’s Strategic Plan.

F. Temporary modifications of facility space functions for special events need to follow the same approval and evaluation process as for permanent modifications.

G. All donations must be approved by the SFCC Foundation.

H. All disposal of College property requests must be submitted to General Services using the Transfer/Disposal/Missing Document Form along with the item(s). General Services will dispose of items according to state regulations.
August 2016

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