4-36: Compensation Procedures Overview

Associated Procedures

  • Annual Salary Increases or Revisions

    The amount allocated for salary increases is recommended each year by the President to the Governing Board based on the competitive position of the college salaries, the cost of living, and the availability of funds. Salary increases are granted by the Governing Board annually, to be effective at the beginning of each fiscal year on July 1. Annual salary increases for employees who have worked fewer than 12 months shall be prorated by the number of months worked in the fiscal year.

    1. Salary adjustments may be made during the year as recommended by the Office of Human Resources, with the approval of the President.
    2. Employees who are not Probationary Employees, Regular Employees, Temp-Term Employees, Probationary Faculty Members or Core Faculty Members do not normally receive annual salary increases unless it is necessary to bring that employees’ salary up to the minimum of their respective salary range or to the College’s minimum wage.
    3. Exceptions to this policy.

    Supplemental Compensation

    The compensation of regular full and part-time staff selected to render service for other departments of the College and/or to perform duties that are substantially outside the scope or reasonable potential scope of the individual’s position and/or normal work schedule shall be described in SFCC Policy 4-32 Hiring and written procedures by the Office of Human Resources. Supplemental compensation of faculty members is described in SFCC Policy 4-12. Supplemental pay includes but is not limited to: stipends, lump sum payments, on-call and any other additional pay. Supplemental compensation arrangements must be approved by the Employing Department Director, appropriate Vice-President, Budget and Office of Human Resources.

    December 2015