4-36: Compensation and Benefits Procedures Overview

  1. All questions regarding benefits should initially be directed to the Office of Human Resources benefits specialist.
  2. In order to take advantage of Employee Education Benefit credits, an employee must:
    1. Register for the class or classes the employee or family member wishes to take.
    2. Email the Human Resources benefits specialist with the number of hours to be taken and the A number for the person who will be using the hours. The six hours may be divided between or among family members, but all A numbers must be included in the email.
    3. After verifying eligibility, the benefits specialist will reply to the email with approval for EEB credits. The benefits specialist will simultaneously inform the Cashier’s Office of the number of hours of EEB credit to be used for each corresponding A numbers.
    4. Pay for the classes for which they or their family member has registered.
  3. Regarding pay and classification questions, the employee should initially inquire with their supervisor.
    1. If the employee is not satisfied with the resolution with their supervisor, the employee may seek review by the Human Resources classification and compensation specialist. The specialist shall consult with Financial Services as appropriate.
    2. The classification and compensation specialist shall provide a prompt recommendation on the question of classification or compensation to the Executive Director of Human Resources, who shall in turn provide it to the appropriate person in the employee’s chain of command for decision.
  4. An employee who wishes to use their exercise benefit shall consult with their supervisor and agree to a fair and appropriate schedule. The employee and supervisor shall consider that the employee shall remain responsible for their work responsibilities and shall fairly accommodate the scheduling needs of their coworkers.



Yash Morimoto, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness,, 505-428-1765.

Jane  Yuster, Chief Human Resources Officer, 505-428-1019

Updated:        11/5/19

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