2-6: Admission of Transfer Students – Procedures

Students who wish to transfer to Santa Fe Community College should follow these procedures:

  1. Students seeking degree status must submit a completed SFCC application.
  2. Students seeking transfer of credits from another postsecondary intuition(s) must submit official transcripts.
  3. Applicants under disciplinary suspension from another postsecondary institution shall not be considered for admission during the period of suspension from that institution.
  4. Applicants currently on academic probation or suspension shall be admitted to SFCC on a probationary status.
  5. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for determining transfer credit eligibility, transfer credits awarded, and transcripting credits as appropriate.
  6. Students who conceal prior attendance at another institution(s) or who falsify information shall be subject to immediate suspension.


Contact:      Bernadette Gonzales, Registrar

Updated:      4/10/2017

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