2-6: Admission of Transfer Students Policy

Policy Overview

This policy establishes the standards and expectations by which applicants are accepted as degree- or certificate-seeking transfer students for admission to Santa Fe Community College (SFCC or College). SFCC welcomes students who wish to transfer from other colleges and universities. Credits earned at other postsecondary institutions may be transferred and applied toward program requirements in accordance with established transfer credit guidelines.

Scope and Applicability

This policy applies to all potential SFCC degree and credit certificate program students who want earned credits from other postsecondary institutions to apply toward the SFCC requirements for graduation. 

Policy Statement

Students who have attended another postsecondary institution shall be accepted as transfer students into degree and credit certificate programs in accordance with SFCC’s standard admissions policies and procedures (SFCC Policy 2-20 Admission to Santa Fe Community College and SFCC Policy 2-7 Admission of International Students).


  1. Degree Student/Certificate Student Degree status is granted to applicants who have declared an intention to pursue a particular degree or certificate by following a prescribed program of study.
  2. Transfer student A person who has attended another university, college, or other postsecondary educational institution and who applies to SFCC to receive SFCC credit for coursework completed at the previous institution(s).

Policy Process

  1. Students seeking degree status must submit a completed SFCC application form.
  2. Students seeking transfer of credits from other postsecondary intuitions must submit official transcripts from those institutions.
  3. Applicants under disciplinary suspension from another postsecondary institution shall not be considered for admission during the period of suspension from that institution.
  4. Applicants currently on academic probation or suspension shall be admitted to SFCC on a probationary status.
  5. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for determining transfer credit eligibility, transfer credits awarded, and transcripting credits as appropriate.
  6. Students who conceal prior attendance at other institutions or who falsify information shall be subject to immediate suspension.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, through the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Student Success, shall be responsible for enforcing student-focused policies and procedures. The Academic and Student Affairs Office shall work with the different departments and offices to comply with this policy and to develop procedures that will enforce this policy regarding awareness, prevention and remediation.


NMSA 1978, 21-1-1: Admission requirements for state institutions
The College Catalog
SFCC Policy 2-7 Admission of International Students
SFCC Policy 2-20 Admission to Santa Fe Community College

SFCC Governing Board approved: 1-15-02
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 7/28/03
Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 12/2/15

Associated Procedures