1-28: President Evaluation Instrument – Procedures

Evaluation of the President is to be based on performance of the duties outlined in the job descriptions and on goals and objectives developed annually by the board and president.  Instruments used in the evaluation will be reviewed periodically and may be revised by majority action of the board after discussion with the President. The board shall accept and consider relevant evaluation data submitted by internal and external constituencies.

  • The president and the governing board shall mutually agree on the goals and objectives of the President annually.
  • The evaluation instrument is to be completed by each individual board member and submitted to the board chair no later than the last regular board meeting in July.
  • The president shall complete a self-evaluation based upon the agreed upon goals by the 2nd week of July.
  • The board chair shall consolidate each board member’s evaluation into a single written report. The consolidated report and self-evaluation shall be discussed in a closed session no later than the first regular board meeting in July.
  • An evaluation by staff and faculty of the president’s performance of goals shall be conducted through a survey in the month of May.
  • The board’s written report and staff and faculty evaluation shall be provided to the president at least one week prior to the July board meeting. At that meeting, the president shall meet in closed session with the board to discuss the evaluation.
  • Any outcomes shall be voted on in an open session of the board.
  • The evaluation report will be signed by all parties when final. A signed copy will be retained by the president and a signed copy will be placed in the president’s personnel file.
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