Emily Stern


I’m a faculty member within the Department of Communications, English, and Reading.
I’ve been teaching at the college for over 10 years and teaching overall for nearly 30.
I’m also a writer, mom, artist, consultant, performer, and activist.

My areas of expertise are English, Creative Writing, and Humanities – especially at the
intersections of art, activism, and social justice. I also consult with students, teachers,
and community, governmental and organizational members, and leaders about
participating in, designing, and maintaining collaborative and strengths-focused culture,
justice, and learning teaching, learning, and leadership.

I’m passionate about being a mom, teaching, community, social justice, writing, making
multi-media art, cooking & eating delicious food, and avoiding housework.

My teaching style is rooted in critical thinking, encourages questions, discussions, and
respectful and informed debate, and requires your participation.

I look forward to good communication and calculated risk-taking.

Opposing and multiple, simultaneous perspectives and realities are 100% welcome, and
also a very important part of the learning and critical thinking processes. While it has
rarely come up, I want to plainly say that I expect all of us to communicate with respect
and kindness.

If you see an opportunity to incorporate relevant music, poetry, images, or a
combination, please do!

I’m the director of The SFCC Katie Besser Student Art & Writing Awards, which I hope
you will check out.

I’m the Faculty Advisor for the SFCC SOW-Spirit of Writing-Collective, in which artists,
writers, readers, and appreciators discuss & make art related to culture & justice, as
well as organizes readings and open mics.

I also advise the SFCC Queerly Community weekly gender & sexuality meet-up and
discussion group, which hopes to resume post-Covid.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about me personally, I have two websites, both of
which are always evolving! One is for my writing and consulting another with art. This
semester I’m honored to be among a handful of SFCC Faculty showing art in our very
owned Fine Arts Gallery virtual exhibition, Hidden Talents. In Fall 2021, I will have a
piece in the anthology Between Certain Death and a Possible Future: Queer Writing on
Growing up with the AIDS Crisis, edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, on Arsenal Pulp