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Improving Lives, Strengthening Healthcare

Creating Pathways to Careers

New Mexico Skill Up Network: Pathways Acceleration in Technology and Healthcare (SUN PATH) is a $14,999,863 project funded by the U.S. Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Initiative (TAACCCT).  This is a partnership with the New Mexico Higher Education Department (HED), Department of Workforce Solutions and New Mexico Healthcare Employers.

  1. Expand capacity and systemic improvements  in  the delivery of healthcare career pathways  in  Allied  Health, Emergency Medical Services  (EMS), and Health Information Technology (HIT) that align with industry needs
  2. Increase the attainment of degrees, certifications, and industry recognized credentials
  3. Create  strategic alignment between education  and workforce systems, resulting in improved  employment outcomes, retention, and average  earnings
  • Serve on the SUN PATH Statewide Advisory Council and Regional Councils
  • Identify and develop industry recognized credentials
  • Provide input on key skills and competencies  needed for relevant job training programs
  • Identify healthcare jobs that are in demand in your community
  • Offer internship and job placement support

Employer Partners

Center for Education Policy Research

SUN PATH Project evaluators at the University of New Mexico provide comprehensive consultation, planning and evaluation services for the SUN PATH Consortium.

SUN PATH Implementation Evaluation Report – April 2016

More Information:

Carla Fallas-Slentz • SUN PATH Consortium Manager  • • 505-428-1300
Carmen Gonzales, Ph.D. • Principal Investigator, SUN PATH • • 505-428-1409
Kristen Krell • Director, DOL TAACCCT Program • • 505-428-1142

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