Santa Fe Community College Foundation

Santa Fe Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that supports the mission of Santa Fe Community College and helps students succeed by removing financial barriers including tuition and fees, textbooks, transportation and childcare. SFCC Foundation awards more than 600 scholarships annually and has increased the number of Native American students by allocating scholarships to each Pueblo, Hopi and Navajo Nations. SFCC is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution and, as such, the Foundation is committed to providing scholarships and support services to Hispanic and low-income students.

Santa Fe Community College Foundation provides opportunities that change, and even save lives. Through scholarships for tuition, fees, textbooks, and special programs at Santa Fe Community College, students can learn new skills, earn a college degree and reach for opportunities to better their lives and their families, which ultimately improves our community.

Many SFCC students are the first in their families to attend college and come from a variety of financial circumstances.  For many, the only way they can attend SFCC is through scholarships provided by generous individuals, organizations, and foundations. More than 600 scholarships are awarded each year through contributions to SFCC Foundation, allowing students to commit to a degree path and time-frame, and sometimes even pull themselves out of homelessness as they doggedly pursue knowledge.


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SFCC Foundation sparks innovation. New academic programs at SFCC provide opportunities for learning and for future employment. Contributions to the Foundation support student, faculty, staff, equipment, research and facilities that make innovation possible. Foundation resources provide SFCC faculty ongoing professional development opportunities to hone skills and further energize classrooms.

SFCC Foundation strengthens community. The Foundation supports the college so that SFCC can respond to local business needs, such as the latest in welding and construction, green building, culinary arts, sustainability and renewable energy practices, among others. The college’s ability to be flexible in order to meet emerging workforce needs helps sustain a healthy economy in the Santa Fe area.

The generosity of donors provides the Foundation with crucial support so that more students can reach their goals.

Please help us ensure that financial barriers won’t hamper student success and make a tax-deductible contribution to SFCC Foundation today.

For more information, contact Deborah Boldt, Executive Director, SFCC Foundation, at 505-428-1704 or