Center for Diversity and Integrated Learning (CDIL)

“Celebrate Community : Cultivate Equity | Celebrar la Comunidad : Cultivar la Equidad”

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Our Mission:
Who we are: The CDIL is overseen by Emily Stern, M.F.A. and the CDIL Advisory Council, which is made up of students, staff, faculty, and external partners. The CDIL is located in both Academic Affairs and Human Resources in order to participate in systemic and paradigm change.
What we do: Through collaborations with internal and external partners, including students, and in accordance with best practices and current research, the CDIL strives to develop and provide informed and sustainable diversity and equity-centered social justice programming, initiatives, and consulting to educate, facilitate, demonstrate, promote, and cultivate a “Culture of Equity” at SFCC and among its communities.
How we do it: Through educational, community-focused, culturally relevant events, trainings, curriculum, classroom instruction, consulting, communication, and recommendations.

cdil heartThe Center for Diversity and Integrated Learning promotes inclusiveness, equity and community through collaboration with internal and external partners, to design and host events related to diversity and integrated learning, as well as campus-wide initiatives, projects and activities, in which students, faculty, staff and partners participate. SFCC faculty and former SFCC Title V Curriculum Specialist, Emily Stern, has been teaching at SFCC for seven years, and has been teaching in higher education for nearly 24 years.

There will be new projects and activities related to diversity and integrated learning, as well as campus wide assignments, in which students, faculty, and staff are participating.

One of the ways that we’re spreading the word about these new opportunities is through a public, self-enroll Canvas site for the entire SFCC community, and anyone with a MySFCC login can access it. Here’s the link to the self-enroll Integrated Learning Canvas Course.

The Presidential Diversity Advisory Committee has created this application so that you may request up to $400 for a diversity related event at SFCC. Download application.

Interested in attending an Advisory Council meeting?

Email Emily Stern at for more information.