SFCC Student Ambassadors (STAM) Program

In addition to the Student Government Association, and other student clubs, the Office of Student Development currently supports two leadership development programs: Student Ambassadors and a Student Leadership class.

Student Ambassadors are envoys for the college, providing an honest and positive image of SFCC to prospective students, current students, guests and other college dignitaries during various campus events. They promote and personalize SFCC and network with external groups to promote the campus. The main purpose of the STAM program is to support student retention and success. Members are selected through a competitive process and must follow program high standards and expectations to earn their STAM scholarship. Applications to the program are available in the Office of Student Development.

Student Ambassadors develop and lead programs to support fellow students such as “Pass It On: Preparing for Mid Terms” and “Student Voice,” which gathers feedback about student experiences on campus,  You can also find Ambassadors collaborating in leadership positions in events such as Student Expo, College Day at the State Capitol, SFCC Foundation events, Welcome Week activities, campus tours, the Whoop It Up basketball tournament and Graduation.   You can recognize them by their uniform shirt and special new logo.

‘THE STUDENT VOICE’ – Student Newsletter

The Student Voice is a monthly newsletter created by the Massive Media Committee, a branch of the Student Ambassadors under the direction of Ernest Kavanaugh, Student Leadership Coordinator and Robert Burnett, Student Editor. Our intent is to keep the students of Santa Fe Community College informed on current and upcoming school and some local events and focus on positive leadership. We thank you for support and we sincerely hope you enjoy The Student Voice. Contact Robert at robert.burnett1@email.sfcc.edu with comments or suggestions.