A note from SFCC Interim President Cervantes on Professional Development Day, March 16

Professional Development Day
Preparing for campus emergencies is becoming increasingly important. The College is committed to helping us have the tools necessary to respond in case of an emergency. That’s why it is essential for you to attend Professional Development Day on Friday, March 16. We are taking this opportunity to provide a lockdown exercise (drill) in the morning, followed by afternoon sessions on a variety of topics. As this is a regular work day, everyone is expected to attend. A group of your colleagues has been hard at work planning the day’s events.

Please note, the college will be closed to the public. No support services — including food services, custodial, book store, the fitness center, among others — will be available. However, Kids Campus and KSFR 101.FM will be open.

Meals will be provided for all participants with vegetarian and vegan options made available. Breakfast will be available beginning at 8:15 a.m. You will want to arrive early to sign up for the afternoon sessions that interest you. First, we will meet in the Campus Center for an overview of the lockdown exercise. The lockdown exercise will involve numerous local emergency response agencies and everyone on campus will take part. This is not a “run, hide, fight” practice. You will be expected to lock yourself in a safe space in your office while the emergency response professionals and our CERT team members secure the campus. Research shows that practice drills and planning are highly effective in preparing for real-life situations. Don’t miss out on this meaningful, effective and helpful training.

We will share additional details about Professional Development Day in the near future. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the lockdown exercise, please inquire with your supervisor or contact SFCC’s Safety Specialist Noe Villarreal at ext. 1825 for more information.

I look forward to spending this day with you as we learn together how we can keep our students and our campus community members safe and the many ways we can empower our students and strengthen our community.

Thank you.


Cecilia Y.M. Cervantes, Ph.D.
Interim President