Niki McKay

“The best way for high school students to understand how college operates is to take a college class and immerse themselves in the process. With SFCC’s Dual Credit program, students receive credit for the class from the high school and the college that can transfer to other colleges and universities. SFCC waives the tuition and college fees for approved Dual Credit classes. My team and I work with 20 high schools in Santa Fe, Pecos, Pojoaque, Española Valley and Raton. During pre-covid times, we traveled to meet students. I have such good memories of visiting high schools, working with students and giving Dual Credit presentations. We’re doing that remotely now. Students and families are showing amazing resilience in this new landscape, and we want to meet them on email, on the phone, on video chat—however we can— and make a connection.
Because of our strong partnerships with the high school counselors, we’re reaching students. And we want to keep improving, given the challenging circumstances. Dual Credit really serves as a gateway to college, and it’s also a way for students to try on a class and figure out if it’s a good fit for them. Exploration is an important part of it. For instance, the Medical Terminology class, HLCR 113, is popular with students interested in the medical field. They get a quick sense of how rigorous it is, which informs their choices. So much of it is about the students’ belief of seeing themselves in college pursuing a career. SFCC’s Dual Credit program is a way for them to practice their skills and habits.”
~Niki McKay, Dual Credit Specialist 

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