MySFCC Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Look for the "MySFCC" graphic at the top right of any page on the SFCC website. A link is also posted on the footer (bottom) of the website. Or you can go directly to the
MySFCC portal
A: MySFCC is schedule to go live on September 20.
A: After the switch, JACK will not be available to students. It will be available to faculty and staff. It will be a place where documents such as Staff and Faculty Senate Meetings will be stored. Eventually, JACK will be replaced by a new Intranet system. You can access
Jack here for a limited time.
A: MySFCC Portal offers more modern, intuitive interface. It is easier to navigate and update. JACK ran on very old software and had limited capabilities. The change will provide a more user-friendly experience for students, faculty and staff. It is designed to work effortlessly on mobile devices.
A: Yes, it will be easy to access just click on Canvas on MySFCC Portal.
A: No, it is no longer available to anyone. Everyone will be using Canvas.
A: No, if you’ve been using Outlook you’ll still have access to it. The link for Email is simply a shortcut to the Web Outlook APP that was available on JACK.
A: This is the software the college uses to track faculty and staff, expense, leave time and pay information. Faculty and Staff timesheets and other items on Banner will all be available through the Employee link in MySFCC Portal.
A: You will login with your usual login: First Name.Last Name. When you enter your password, which will remain the same as the one you used in JACK, the system intuitively will add to your login. One of the key advantages of MySFCC Portal is that you’ll be able to do so much more directly from the landing page.
A: Click on the Feedback button and send a message. The Office of Information and Technology will be following up to submitted Feedback questions.
Do you have additional questions about the transition to MySFCC? Please let us know.