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More equitable course placement process

SFCC now considers multiple factors to determine a student’s readiness for college-level classes — rather than relying on one standardized placement exam.

SFCC uses variety of placement measures – including an emphasis on high school GPA, and various discipline-specific skill assessment tools – to give students a clear path toward their educational goals.

Students needing support in their beginning-level college courses in English and Mathematics will have co-requisite courses available to them. In time, new “foundational courses” will replace SFCC’s existing developmental education courses for students entering with more significant needs for academic support.

SFCC makes every effort to move students into college-level work sooner.

“In the past several years, the college has supported more pro-active, collaborative advising to help guide students to pursue their dreams in a manner that best serves the student’s needs,” President Rowley added. “The new placement initiative is an important step in helping our community gain even higher levels of access and support from our college as they pursue careers and transfer.”

-SFCC President Becky Rowley

This placement initiative is part of a larger on-going institution-wide effort to further serve students, community members and regional economic and workforce needs, all of which were impacted significantly by the Coronavirus pandemic. These efforts include expanded online and hybrid class offerings, as well as additional tuition and general assistance from sources like the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship and the Santa Fe Community College Foundation. This initiative also aligns with the transformative work that the college is engaged in as a member of the Collaborative Higher Education Shared Services (CHESS), a nonprofit working to transform the student experience and streamline administrative processes. SFCC is part of the collaboration along with Central New Mexico College, Clovis Community College, Mesalands Community College, Northern New Mexico College and San Juan College.