College Logo Guide


SFCC Logo Usage

Logos available here are for your use when:

  • ordering or creating items for a special event, such as pens, folders, labels, tablecloths, napkins, etc.
  • a partner organization wants to include it on promotional materials.

Department, Program or School Identifiers

An identifier is created by the marketing design team at the request of a department or school. Departments and offices may use identifiers on stationery, apparel, and other items.

The only acceptable forms of identifiers are:

  1. The identifier may only feature text below the logo.
  2. The identifier must follow the appropriate color scheme as shown in the color section.

Note: Rules regarding the use of the SFCC logo can be found in SFCC Policy 8-1 Branding.

Usage Guidelines

By downloading these files, you agree to the following guidelines for use of the SFCC Logo:

Use only versions of the logo that are of reproduction quality. Do not print or reproduce the logo from a previously photocopied version or from a version copied from the website. This B&W sample is unacceptable.

Logos may be resized but not altered in any way, including using only part of the logo. Do not skew or squish the logo. When resizing, hold down the shift key to keep the logo proportional.



  • Minimum size: The size of the SFCC logo should never measure smaller than 2 inches wide by .75 inches tall.
  • Positioning: The logo should appear to the lower right rather than centered (see example).

Download a Logo

You will need to first click a link that fits your purpose, then right click the image (click the right mouse button) and “Save” to your desktop. These are in a size that can be reduced in size.

JPG (PMS for print)
Color logo on white background
B&W logo on white background

PNG (for web & social media)
Color logo on transparent background (can be placed on a color background)
B&W logo on transparent background (can be placed on a color background)

Vendors for promotional items (t-shirts, etc.), often need eps files. You won’t be able to open them like a jpg, but you can e-mail them to the vendor.
Color logo
B&W logo

Certain programs and college-wide events have been authorized to have their own special-use graphic, which may or may not incorporate the SFCC logo. This is not standard practice and each case must be approved. Graphics for special programs and events are developed only by the Marketing and Public Relations Department.