Thank You Note

by Jan Ball

Dear Barb, Alex and Poofie (arf-arf),

Thank you for dinner last night. I’m not
sure if you saw the expression on my face
when Poofie licked you lovingly
on the nose, Alex, or when he slobbered
kisses all over your hands, Barb. You did
reassure me that you washed your hands
when you cooked the excellent salmon
you prepared for us but I did want to
apologize for reacting with that sour look
(if you saw me). I suspect some people
might be surprised to see me, myself,
remove an errant fly with my fork from
my wineglass while dining alfresco
on a summer night and then drinking
the wine even though alcohol purifies
everything like using hand sanitizer
after riding the public bus, but I realize
not everyone would agree, so I just
wanted to be sure that a darling, seven
pound ball of fluff like Poofie couldn’t
in any way spoil our long friendship
and I hope he continues to appreciate
the wonderful salmon and potatoes you
feed him from the table as much as we do.

Your friends,

Jane and Bill

The Enduring Passion – Krista Vanderblomen