Oklahoma by William Greenway

When it came on the radio
tonight I began to weep,
not for the musical,
or the flat, red-dirt state
I was driven through
by those bastards who knew
they weren’t going to hire me
even before they flew me there,
and who, when I asked them
what happened to the trees, said,
tornadoes ripped them all out,
but for the grandfather
I never knew,
the Welsh preacher,
north Georgia circuit-rider, who,
instead of shunning his only son’s
fifteen-year-old bride,
met them at the station,
how he drove them, singing ,
“Oh, what a beautiful morning”
the whole way home.

Irrigation Repair

Santa Fe Community College will be repairing irrigation lines at the central roundabout (the drop-off area by the flag poles) Monday, April 23 through Monday, April 30. During repairs, the roundabout will not be accessible. Please use other entrances into the main and West Wing parking lots. No parking areas will be affected. Please use caution when walking or driving in the vicinity. Thank you for your patience while we make improvements to campus.