Long Distance Turnaround

by Tom Holmes

ever since I returned to Earth
my left eyeball falls from my face
at least once per week
I can see what’s up my pants
and once per week I rotate it
around my head like a SETI satellite
before I pop my eye into its socket
but today I poked it pupil-side in
my left foot tingled and numbed
then my leg and arm and face
I saw light then gray matter
I saw a crab I once drop-kicked
into the sea play the maracas
I once played in Morocco
I saw a pair of soiled underpants
I saw my father in the leftovers
baby store ordering me for delivery
without a return receipt
I saw wide-eyed aliens swaddle me
stamp me and send me on a way

Mind’s Eye Pines – Kathleen Heideman Rydholm