“Asymptote of Affection” and “Uprising”

by Daniel Kilpatric


Asymptote of Affection


The restriction of

this yearning is



the graph of an

equation with a

variable in


the denominator, so

its physical form cannot

reach this exact


value, only approach

with unceasing

closeness this


desire that

exposes infinite

separation.  The curve


wants to merge into

this one line it

never can touch.  It


loves this line more

than any other space

it casually crosses.


This is obsession.

The curve almost

straightens to get closer.




Darkness awaits the earth’s turning a face

away from the sun; then the rising begins,

hesitantly, until the scheduled absence

of the moon is confirmed.  Now darkness

starts to take the small things

on the ground: Dirt, pebbles, twigs, blades

of grass fall to its hunger,

consolidate its power so it can

swallow the edges that define

rivers, trees, mountains.  Nothing

can contest its push to devour

the sky; surely the stars

with tiny points of light

cannot pierce this massive force,

restrain it until rays of sun

march over the horizon.