LADAC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor)


Are You Interested in Becoming a New Mexico Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor?

  • If you are a student pursuing a degree in the Social Sciences (Human Services, Psychology, Counseling, Social Work)
  • If you are a Behavioral Health Care professional
  • If you are a Licensed Therapist or Social Worker
  • If you have a personal or professional interest in working with addictions

Then check into our online LADAC classes!

LADAC Coursework

We offer 18.5 college credits of coursework which provide all of the academic requirements to become a LADAC. Classes are designed for students who want state-of-the-art knowledge and hands-on skills.

HMSV 1160 – Counseling Ethics
[Previously offered as: HUSV 150] This course studies ethical theory as applied to counseling situations in our complex and litigious society. Ethical dilemmas such as dual relationships, boundaries, limits of confidentiality, progress notes and agency staffing are presented. Practical applications of professional ethics are discussed and analyzed.

HMSV 2255 – Psychology of Addictive Behavior
[Previously offered as HUSV 200] An exploration of research and theories related to the psychological, behavioral and psychological bases of addiction and recovery. A variety of common addictive disorders are examined, including addiction to alcohol, eating, smoking, gambling, work, sex and drugs. Students examine the impact of addictions on families, the workplace and society as well as on the individual.

HMSV 2212 – Effects of Drug Abuse
[Previously offered as: HUSV 205] This course acquaints students with psychoactive drug classification and with the physiological, biochemical and psychological effects of mind-altering drugs. The course also describes the characteristics of several types of mental illness, how they are impacted by chemical dependency, and how a psycho-educational approach may be used in treatment.

HMSV 2120 – Substance Abuse Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment
[Previously offered as: HUSV 210] This course examines the principles and practice of clinical evaluation in substance abuse treatment and counseling, and presents a study of symptoms and manifestations of substance abuse as they relate to client evaluation, assessment, treatment, and referral. Students will gain an understanding of comprehensive assessment strategies, assessment in relation to diagnosis, the diagnostic classification system, and develop skills for using valid screening and diagnostic instruments.

HMSV 2270 – Substance Abuse in Families
[Previously offered as: HUSV 215] This course examines substance abuse within the context of a family system. It includes aspects such as developing a substance abuse family identity, typical problem-solving behaviors in substance-abuse families, daily routine regulators of home life, family ritual disruptions and intergenerational transmission of substance-abuse patterns.

HMSV 2280 – Substance Abuse Prevention
[Previously offered as: HUSV 220] This course presents an overview of the history, principles, and approaches to the field of substance prevention. Topics include promotion of healthy lifestyle choice, community collaboration, public policy, and effective prevention planning. This course meets the State of New Mexico Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATODA) requirements and prepares students to become candidates for certification as prevention interns.

HMSV 2250 – Counseling Skills for Addiction Professionals
[Previously offered as: HUSV 225] Focused study of the applied skills, techniques, and varied approaches to the addiction treatment continuum of care. The emphasis is on understanding individual, group, and family dynamics, gaining effective helping strategies and interpersonal skills. Students also become familiar with counseling approaches that meet the current standard of care in a range of treatment settings.

Classes are offered online. Our tuition is affordable and our classes are easily accessible.

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Our LADAC coursework fulfills the state and national academic requirements for people who want to be licensed or certified addictions professionals. Many New Mexicans understand the real impact of addiction…the shattered families, the financial heartaches, the legacy of hopelessness. We are one of the few states in the U.S. where you can become a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor with an associate degree in social science and our additional LADAC coursework.

For more information, please contact Carlos Balladares, Lead Professor of Human Services, 505-428-1882, and Julia Gonzales, Academic Advisor, 505-428-1316,