FAQ about the new Intranet


What is the new Intranet used for?

The SFCC Intranet (no name given yet) is designed for employees-only collaboration and communication. In addition, it serves as the documents and online forms repository for all employee-related communication. This is a place for shared internal documents available to administration, faculty and staff, but not to students.

How do I get on the new Intranet?

Access is easy. Logon to MySFCC and go to the employee tab.  To access the Intranet, Enter My.SFCC and go to the list of Applications in the left navigation. Click on INTRANET (NEW!). SFCC employees with a PC will not need to enter a password. They can simply click on the desktop icon. Those on a MAC will need to enter your User Name and SFCC Password.

What happened to JACK?

JACK is not available. Yes, JACK has retired!

Do I continue to use MySFCC?

Yes, employees will continue to use MySFCC for timesheets and all the functions that already exist there.  Remember that MySFCC is the primary portal for students. The New Intranet is not accessible to students.

Where will I see notices of job openings, messages to staff and president’s updates, etc.?

Internal (employee notices) will be on a scroll in the center of the New Intranet landing page with live links to more details.   Of course, you can still directly access external job openings from the SFCC website.

Where should I look for activities open to the public?

Watch for SFCC campus activities open to the public in Campus Weekly, on SFCC’s Facebook page and the public website calendar.

Where can I get more information about the new Intranet?

Training sessions were held during Convocation Week.  Check Campus Weekly for future sessions or logon to the training registration page. Or if you are having issues logging on, you are encouraged to contact the Technology Service Desk at 428-1222.

Where can I access the new Intranet?

It will only be available on campus sites, which include Kids Campus and the HEC.  You cannot access the site off campus.