“Rad” Tech

Bailey Benton, 20, was thrilled when SFCC’s Radiologic Technology Program began this spring. “I had a family friend when I was ten who was studying about X-rays and we’d talk about it. I’ve been interested since then.”

Radiologic technologists are health care professionals who perform diagnostic imaging procedures. The new program was created in response to a growing demand for this specialized training in northern New Mexico. The U.S. Department of Labor projects a job growth of 21 percent between 2012-2022 with a median annual wage of $54,000.

An associate degree in Radiologic Technology is a prerequisite for those interested in further training in imaging. Once Benton completes her degree at SFCC, she plans to go on to advanced study. “I’m interested in getting training in work with MRI or CAT scans,” she said. “I’ve been intrigued with learning about post-mortem CAT scans for criminal cases where an autopsy can’t be done.”

To learn more about the program, contact Interim Director of Radiologic Technology Michael Frain at 505-428-1649 or michael.frain@sfcc.edu.