Domanica Foundation Supports Student Success

From left to right: SFCC Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs Margaret Peters, Domanica Foundation’s Linda Anderson, Karen Belanti and Patricia McAdow, SFCC Foundation President Carmen Gonzales, Ph.D. and SFCC Foundation Executive Director Deborah Boldt

Each year, SFCC Foundation honors students and supporters of the Contract for a Better Tomorrow Scholarship at a luncheon. Established through a partnership with the Domanica Foundation and former SFCC Governing Board members Bruce Besser and Carole Brito Besser, SFCC Foundation matches Domanica’s $50,000 dollar for dollar. Sandy Zane and Ned Bennett of Zane Bennett Contemporary and form & concept, Nusenda Credit Union Foundation and the Employee Payroll Deduction Program contribute to the scholarship fund.


The Contract for a Better Tomorrow Scholarship supports first-generation, low-income students until they graduate. The scholarship provides much more than financial assistance. Students often cite the encouragement and help they receive from faculty and the Financial Aid Office. At the luncheon, Domanica Foundation Executive Director Linda Anderson emphasized the importance of celebrating these students, who overcome challenges with optimism and determination to finish their studies. Many students are single parents or caretakers and work multiple jobs, she said.

For more, contact the Foundation at 505-428-1175 or