Your financial support changes lives

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While SFCC students have access to increased financial aid available thanks to the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship, many still struggle financially in this economically challenging time.

Kelly Marquez, SFCC Foundation Interim Executive Director

Interim Executive Director of SFCC Foundation Kelly Marquez said, “As the first in my family to go to college and as the first in my extended family of 100 to get an advanced degree, I understand the struggles our students face.” She said the SFCC Foundation works closely with the Financial Aid Office to help students keep out of debt.

She added, “The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to SFCC students. We do this through scholarships, PILAS internships, the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, the Campus Cupboard Food Pantry, the Contract for a Better Tomorrow Program, and other initiatives.”

As the holidays approach Marquez and Foundation staff have been particularly aware of how many financial challenges students face. They’ve been deeply moved by the stories students are sharing in their requests for emergency assistance funding.

Student Needs Are Great

Marquez shared these excerpts from recent emergency funding requests that show the range of student needs. 

“This past month I lost my job, and I am spending my savings on my regular monthly living expenses as well as textbooks, software, uniforms, tools, and other necessities for my Culinary classes at SFCC. I am aggressively looking for a job. I have applied for many and hope to be employed soon. In the meantime, my financial problems are making it difficult for me to pay my rent and cover transportation costs to go to SFCC for my ESL and Culinary Arts classes.”

“I am only making 600 dollars every two weeks with work-study at SFCC, and I am barely scraping by to be able to pay my rent of 950 dollars, phone bill, internet, gas, food and household necessities… It has been extremely difficult for me to be able to pay for everything.”

“My car’s heater just went out, so I have been cold in the car. I am taking a CNA class for my job and I have had to pay it out of pocket. I feel upside down in my financial situation. This morning I had to decide if I was able to get groceries and I have decided to go to the food bank. I don’t get paid until next week and all my bills are due even when I do get paid, I will still be low on money for a while. I could use some help right now to get me by until I get paid.” 

“I have a 2-year-old and money is very tight. I just moved into Section 8 thankfully but with the move came all the moving expenses, which depleted us financially. I am a student seeking a degree in Early Childhood … I am now asking for help. My son is still in diapers so it will be used mostly for him, toiletries for our house, and also gas to be able to get me to Kids Campus so I can complete my semester.”

Foundation support helps students succeed

SFCC Foundation

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