How Much Help Can I Expect To Get from Student Accessibility Services?


You can actually expect to get quite a bit of help from us. You can use Student Accessibility Services at SFCC as if it were the equivalent of your “Home Room” from high school. You can check in with us as often as you would like for the following reasons:

  • If you are having a problem with a teacher, an approach to an assignment, or a scheduling problem
  • If you are feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated about school
  • If you want a place to relax, unwind, read, get on-line
  • If you want help with registration and academic planning
  • If you want to drop or add a class
  • If you need help finding someone or something on campus
  • If you need help with time-management
  • If you need a parking permit for temporary handicapped parking
  • If you need help with special seating
  • If you need to modify your schedule because of an illness
  • If you need an interpreter
  • If you need help with note-taking
  • If you need tutoring for one of your classes
  • If you need help with transportation options
  • If you need an exemption or special arrangement for a field trip
  • If you need help with learning to self-advocate
  • If you need a good listener
  • If you need help accessing campus services
  • If you need tips organizing a study group
  • If you want help planning your course schedule