Petition to Graduate

Download Petition To Graduate Form

Prior to submitting this form to your school please makes sure the following have been completed:
1) The SFCC Registrar’s Office has received official transcripts from all other colleges/universities.
2) Declaration of Major form has been completed and returned to Enrollment and Student Services.
3) Complete top half of the Petition to Graduate form.
4) Print an unofficial transcript or degree evaluation and attach it to the petition.
5) Turn in the petition to graduate to your school.

The school will review your petition and forward to Registrar’s Office

1) Review the student’s Degree Evaluation (CAPP) and all transfer credits.
2) Mark the courses that are being taken or need to be taken on the petition to graduate.
3) Sign on the Adviser/Chair’s line and forward to your dean.
1) Review degree evaluation:
• Verify all SFCC courses, grades and credits are listed
• Verify all transfer courses, grades and credits are listed and noted as transfer
• Verify all courses/credits to be completed are listed on the petition
• Verify the catalog year and degree plan which the student is graduating under
2) Sign petition to graduate.
3) Forward petition to graduate and degree evaluation to Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office will verify the petition to graduate and send a status letter to student

Download Petition To Graduate Form