SFCC Governing Board Work Session

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2:00 p.m.  – 6:00 p.m.

Santa Fe Community College

SFCC Boardroom

6401 Richards Avenue

Santa Fe, NM 87508









Determination of Quorum and Call to Order

Chair Sullivan



Welcome from the Chair

Chair Sullivan



Adoption of Agenda

Chair Sullivan



Closed Session:  for the purpose of discussion of bargaining strategy preliminary to collective bargaining negotiations between the policymaking body and a bargaining unit representing the employees of that policymaking body, pursuant to NMSA 1978, 10-15-1(H)(5):  Discussion of bargaining strategy preliminary to collective bargaining negotiations; and for the purpose of discussion of limited personnel matters, pursuant to NMSA 1978, 10-15-1(H)(2):  Discussion of the possible elimination of certain positions or programs.

Chair Sullivan



Information Items:


Discussion of FY21 Budget

Chair Sullivan


Mr. Telles/ Ms. Tilley







Chair Sullivan



Because of the current public health emergency and the current campus closure, this Work Session Meeting will not be held in person. Board meetings are open to the public.  The public may attend this Work Session Meeting by logging on to

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MFccd-TOjo and watching our live stream.


Closed Sessions


The “Open Meetings Act” NMSA 1978, section 10-15-1-H and I, authorizes the governing board to retire to closed session for discussion of : limited personnel matters Section 10-15-1-H(2); bargaining strategy preliminary to collective bargaining 10-15-1(H)(5) NMSA 1978; purchases exceeding $2500 10-15-1(H)(6) NMSA 1978; pending or threatened litigation 10-15-1(H)(7) NMSA 1978); and/or real property or water rights, acquisition/disposition provided 10-15-1-(H)(8): (a) motion to close is made in open meeting and approved by a majority roll-call vote; (b) the authority to close and the subject for discussion are stated with reasonable specificity in the motion; and (c) when board returns from closed session, board chair announces that no matters were discussed in closed session except those specified in the motion for closure.


Notes:  Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on the agenda. In the event that a quorum consisting of three members of the governing board is not present, but at least two members are present, those members in attendance shall constitute an ad hoc Standing Committee of the board and shall meet as the same under this notice to consider items on this agenda for all purposes, including recommendations to a duly constituted quorum of the board but excluding any action, decision, or vote that must be taken by a quorum of members of the governing board.