Governing Board Meeting Agenda July 22, 2015


*The Governing Board reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda.

SFCC Regular Governing Board Meeting
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5:30 p.m. -

Santa Fe Community College
Board Room #223
6401 Richards Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87508








Determination of quorum and call to order

Chair Romero



Welcome from the Chair

Chair Romero



Adoption of Agenda

Chair Romero



Public Comments

Chair Romero

Tab A


Awards, President's Report, and Presentations

President's Report


  • Enrollment Report - Summer, Fall 2015

Mr. Grissom

Dr. Gonzales


Tab B


• Faculty Senate Report -

• Staff Senate Report - 6/17

• Student Government Report - 

Chair Romero

Tab C


Approval of Consent Agenda


 Board Retreat of May 1, 2015 

 Work Session of June 24, 2015

 Regular Board Meeting of June 24, 2015
 Board Retreat of June 26, 2015

b. Matters Related to SFCC Policy:

  Final Readings/Approval:

4-1 SFCC Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy

Chair Romero

Chair Romero

Tab D


Action on Items Removed from Consent Agenda for discussion

Chair Romero

Tab E IX.

Action Items - Non-Consent

a. Approval of Financial Report (June 2015)

b. Approval of Resolution (Current Debt Service Property Tax Levy)

Chair Romero

Mr. Telles/
Mr. Grissom
Mr. Telles/
Mr. Grissom

Tab F


Matters Related to SFCC Policy:
First Reading:
None to Report


Chair Romero

Tab G


Information Items: (written reports)

a. Purchases over $100,000 (less than $300,000) - none to report

Written Reports

Tab H


Board Reports, Discussion, Other Business

•  Summary of Board Retreat

•  Discussion of Possible rental of HEC office space to Regional
Development Corporation

Chair Romero



Reading Material


Tab I


Announcement of next Board Meeting(s): 

  Wednesday-August 26, 2015 Regular Meeting 

Chair Romero

Tab J


Closed Session for purposes of discussion of pending or threatened litigation, pursuant to 10-15-l(H)(7) NMSA 1978: employment claims involving pending administrative complaints or claims, issues pending litigation against SFCC, and threatened litigation by former employee regarding issue with retirement benefits; and for the purpose of discussion of personally identifiable information about any individual student, unless the student, his parent or guardian requests otherwise, pursuant to 10-15-l(H)(4): discussion of threat and complaint made by student. 

Chair Romero




Chair Romero

*The Governing Board reserves the right to take action on any item on the agenda.


*Public Comments

  • This is an open forum for those persons who wish to offer brief comments to the board and who have signed up to do so on the night of the meeting. Presentations are limited to five minutes. Groups of persons who wish to address the board on the same topic should delegate a single spokesperson to make their presentation.
  • During the Public Comments section of the agenda, any member of the public may request to address the board in open meeting on a matter of public interest. This includes college employees when speaking as members of the public.
  • Public Comment presentations are made for informational purposes only. If the board feels the matter warrants further attention, it can be placed on the agenda for a subsequent meeting.

** Closed Sessions

The “Open Meetings Act” NMSA 1978, section 10-15-1-H and I, authorizes the governing board to retire to closed session for discussion of : limited personnel matters Section 10-15-1-H(2); bargaining strategy preliminary to collective bargaining; purchases exceeding $2500 (10-15-1(H)(6) NMSA 1978; pending or threatened litigation (10-15-1(H)(7) NMSA 1978); and/or real property or water rights, acquisition/disposition provided (10-15-1-(H)(8): (a) motion to close is made in open meeting and approved by a majority roll-call vote; (b) the authority to close and the subject for discussion are stated with reasonable specificity in the motion; and (c) when board returns from closed session, board chair announces that no matters were discussed in closed session except those specified in the motion for closure.


Items do not have to be taken in the order shown on the agenda. In the event that a quorum consisting of three members of the governing board is not present, but at least two members are present, those members in attendance shall constitute an ad hoc Standing Committee of the board and shall meet as the same under this notice to consider items on this agenda for all purposes, including recommendations to a duly constituted quorum of the board but excluding any action, decision, or vote that must be taken by a quorum of members of the governing board.

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