Rights and Responsibilities Reserved by the College

Modified: May 1, 2018

are areas that are reserved by the College as exclusive management rights and are not subject to review. The following issues are precluded from review under this policy: 1. Content of College policies; 2. Final interpretation by President of policy or final decision about the application of a policy or resource.The President’s decision is final and binding upon the parties. 3. A review of a decision involving the same student and the same issue but naming another responding person; 4. Decisions or directives of the Governing Board or other external authorities having jurisdiction or programmatic responsibilities over the College; 5. Funding and program priorities; 6. Allocation of resources, staff, equipment, or space; 7. Scheduling of operations, closures, holidays and other events; 8. Overall allocations for tuition and other fee increases; 9. Class schedules and work schedules in order to support student and community needs; 10. Parking violations; and, 11. Any action taken in compliance with a court order, arbitration decision, statutory directive, city or county ordinance, or the administrative ruling, rules or regulations of an authority having jurisdiction over the College.

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