College Service

Modified: October 6, 2022

furthers SFCC’s mission and operations, and may include the following: a. Student-related activities such as advising student clubs, recruiting new students, advising outside of office hours, and sponsoring extracurricular field trips to enrich student learning. b. Community service including unpaid collaboration with non-SFCC entities or individuals producing demonstrable outcomes directly connected to SFCC’s mission. Examples could include participation in school partnerships, serving on boards and advisory groups, making community presentations, and participation in community service organizations. c. College-related activities such as fostering cultural diversity, interacting with representatives from other academic institutions, participating in administratively convened committees (e.g., curriculum, assessment), participating in faculty-convened committees (e.g., Faculty Senate), special project groups (e.g., program review), hiring panels, program-level curriculum development, writing and implementing grants, and helping coordinate off-campus programs. d. Active participation in professional organizations related to teaching field. e. Professional presentations and publications as appropriate.

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