Gifts Change Lives


Ian Widrick Martinez

Criminal Justice/Business Administration

I didn’t go away to school because I know what’s here – we have the best faculty, staff, and I love our new team of administration – they make SFCC the best higher ed institution in New Mexico. We are a great school.

Tintawi Kaigziaibher

Creative Writing Major

I am grateful to those who have helped me get my voice out. I don’t think I speak only for myself, but for generations of people who have suffered, who are still suffering.

You can read Tintawi’s essay on The Expression of Bridges and Gates.

Marcos Rivera

Psychology, Film and Art Major

Donors give us the opportunity that we wouldn’t have without them. It’s insane that I get money to help myself be better – it’s appreciated, it’s a blessing.

Manny Chavez

Criminal Justice Major

I was clouded until I found the Ambassador program and realized that I was hungry, and that I wanted to be a leader and make a difference.

Erin Price

Allied Health Major

Donors are the reason I have straight As with three science classes – I could never have done that if I had to work 40 hours a week.