Santa Fe Community College

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

When you give to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, you are supporting a student, who through no fault of their own is facing a one-time financial crisis. A job layoff in the family or a medical emergency will require our most vulnerable students to make tough choices. In the past, dropping out to make ends meet has been the path taken by too many of our students.

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Created in 2020 during the pandemic, over $100,000 was raised from donors like you and distributed to 286 students. They were able to pay for baby formula, buy a tire to get to class, or pay a utility bill. They were able to continue their studies!

As evidenced by applications for assistance, the unmet need among our students is still great. Thanks to an anonymous matching fund donor, your gift will be doubled – providing help to even more SFCC students who are facing a minor financial crisis that threatens to derail their studies.

Thank you for being part of our donor family at Santa Fe Community College Foundation!