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Scholarships Impact Student Lives

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Students arrive at Santa Fe Community College full of optimism and excitement. Their associates degree or certificate from SFCC will set their lives on a new and positive trajectory. They quickly meet faculty and staff who are dedicated to ensuring all students take advantage of the many opportunities at SFCC for eye-opening studies, rewarding student activities, and financial aid.

But, for the majority of students who attend SFCC (85% have financial need that is not met by other funding sources), there will be a moment when the cost of their education seems too much. Family obligations, or something as simple as an unexpected medical bill, will risk delaying or even permanently derailing their plans unless they receive a helping hand.

Fortunately, thanks to many generous donors, SFCC Foundation has scholarships designed to be there for students when they need it most. A list of all scholarships can be found here.

We manage a mixture of merit and need-based scholarships, funded by endowed or annual gifts of all sizes. Named endowed scholarships at SFCC are as low as $10,000. Some scholarships support students enrolled in specific programs of study. Others target students with specific backgrounds or qualifications.

SFCC Foundation scholarships are carefully awarded to ensure that they comply with donor wishes and have the greatest possible positive impact on the life of one of our students.

Scholarship recipients are grateful for the support that they receive. They write “thank you” notes to donors and enjoy meeting them at our annual scholarship luncheon. Ryan Ramaker speaks for many students when he says, “Donor support has been one of those biggest pushes for me when I was struggling. It is not just financial support—it is also emotional support and stress relief.”

A small sample of student testimonials can be found here. They reflect how scholarships not only transform the lives of students and their families but also strengthen—in countless ways—our community.

Not all eligible students receive scholarships. The need is greater than the funds available to award. New scholarship gifts of all sizes will HELP US HELP OUR COMMUNITY. Make a secure online gift here, or explore other ways of tax-efficient giving here. For further information, contact Kelly Marquez at (505) 428-1175 or email her at

Thank you for being part of our donor family at Santa Fe Community College Foundation!