Santa Fe Community College

Contract for a Better Tomorrow

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Contract for a Better Tomorrow (CBT) helps first-generation and low-income college students by providing wrap-around services, e.g., intensive tutoring and coaching, to create a support system for students who need extra help in navigating college. CBT provides extra counseling, advising, and payment incentives for exceptional attendance and high grades.

As a learn as you earn program, CBT helps students complete and graduate from one of SFCC’s certificate or associate degree programs. Many students are single parents or caretakers and work multiple jobs.

Transfer student and Psychology major Andrea Loibl is grateful for her Foundation scholarship because she knows that not everyone has the opportunity to pursue an education. She says when she was notified of her scholarship, “a weight was lifted” off her. Since 2005, CBT has awarded $1,664,000 to 440 students.

Thanks to a generous matching gift of $50,000 from the Domanica Foundation, your contribution will be matched 1:1. The result: highest retention rates and hundreds of families transformed by a community college education.

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