Students’ Frequently Asked Questions About Student Accessibility Services

Q: I am graduating from high school and have an IEP/504/mental health diagnosis. How can I receive services at SFCC?

You can set up an appointment to begin the intake process, review your needs, and discuss your documentation. More info is available here as well.

Q: Who is eligible for accommodations?

A: Diagnosis or disabilities may affect one’s access to equal opportunities within the classroom. SFCC Accessibility Services offers academic accommodations as a means to support student success. Please be ready to provide documentation upon meeting with the Accessibility Case Manager.

Q: What types of services are offered to Student Accessibility Services Students?

A: Depending on the student’s disability, services include classroom and testing accommodations, use of adaptive technology, American Sign Language interpreters, note-taking, materials on alternative format, educational counseling and planning, and specialized tutoring. More information about accommodations can be found here.

Q: What do I do if I need a sign language interpreter?

A: Interpreting Services falls under the umbrella of Accessibility Services. To contact Interpreting Services you may call 505-428-1349 or email

Q: How can class content be adapted?

A: Students can be provided with alternative methods to access class content. This can include books in an alternative format (digital, audio, large font), copy of lectures, assistance of a peer notetaker, a digital recorder to record lectures, or adaptive functions in Canvas.

Q: What is adaptive technology?

A: Similar to alternative methods to class content, students may use adaptive technology to connect to class content. This can include dictation software, screen reading software, or even access to our Adaptive Technology Lab.