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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only students who will be attending an in-person on-the-ground class will be issued a student ID.  Please call 505-428-1853 or 505-428-1881 to schedule an appointment.

Categories: COVID-19HECLibraryStudent

No, the campus remains closed due to COVID-19 state health orders.

Categories: COVID-19Dual CreditStudent

Contact the SFCC Help Desk at (505) 428-1222 or by email at oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Inform them you are a Dual Credit student and provide them with your DOB. You might also be asked one or more of the following questions to confirm your identity:  home address, phone number, classes you are currently enrolled in, and courses you have taken previously.

Categories: CanvasComputer/SoftwareCOVID-19Dual CreditStudent

Log on to your MY SFCC account. Under applications please click on Canvas. You will then be instructed to reenter your MY SFCC username and password. You will then be directed to your Canvas account and should be able to access your class and or classes.

Categories: COVID-19Dual CreditNew StudentsServicesStudentTesting

Please contact testing@sfcc.edu to request further information or to schedule your placement exam.

Categories: COVID-19Kids Campus

Yes. Kids Campus will offer reduced enrollment based on new regulations and guidelines for reopening Early Childhood Centers for this Fall semester. Each classroom will function with two staff members; a lead teacher, teacher assistant and an assigned floater. In alignment with NM ECECD-early childhood guidance, the same group of teachers will oversee the same group of students each week. There will be no combining of students or teachers during this time. If you need assistance please contact our admin team at kids.campus@sfcc.edu.

Categories: COVID-19Kids Campus

Check out our website: http://kidscampus.sfcc.edu/ on the blog page for resources and information. If you have any questions or concerns use this site to reach us.

Categories: Computer/SoftwareCOVID-19Employee

Please review the March 31 Cybersecurity Training and Tips for Remote Work and contact Office of Information Technology Service Desk, (505) 428-1222 or OIT@sfcc.edu if you have questions

Categories: COVID-19Employee

Please review this helpful FAQ for help with out of office greetings: http://w2.sfcc.edu/jack/oit/phoneFAQ.

Categories: COVID-19Employee

Call 428-1789 and enter your mailbox number (extension) to access voicemail. For more information, visit http://w2.sfcc.edu/jack/oit/phoneFAQ.

Categories: Computer/SoftwareCOVID-19EmployeeFaculty

You can submit an OIT ticket by emailing oitservicesupport@sfcc.edu. Make sure to provide a cell/ home phone for contact number.

Categories: COVID-19Employee

We are aiming to have 100% of all employees receive pay via ACH/direct deposit. If you have not elected to receive pay via ACH/direct deposit, please give serious consideration of doing so, as hard copy checks may be subject to mail delivery delays. If you want to change from receiving hard copy checks to ACH/direct deposit please go to the payroll office and complete the ACH authorization form.  If you cannot submit the form in person, you can email it to Yvonne Martinez Denko for processing during the closure.

Categories: COVID-19Employee

All employees must be working or on approved leave to receive pay.

Categories: Computer/SoftwareCOVID-19Employee

Please work with OIT, 428-1222, and your supervisor to ensure you can complete essential work from home.

Categories: COVID-19Employee

Please see “Employee Rights: Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)” for detailed information or the “Quick Tips FFCRA Poster” for a quick overview of your rights under the FFCRA.

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