What is my Placement result?

The placement result is your overall score on the assessment. This will be a number between 0-100. This represents the percentage of topics that ALEKS has determined you have mastered.

The score identifies which Math course you have placed in based on SFCC’s Cut Scores. If you have any questions regarding your course placement, please schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Institutional Cut Scores:

Class NameScore
Math 1105 + 1105L, Math 1130 + 130S0-13
Math 1105, Math 1130 + 130S14-29
Math 1130, 1220 + 108 (coreq)30-45
Math 1115, 1350, 122046-60
Math 1250, 143061-75
Math 151076-100
Students who score 30-100 qualify to register for Math 1130; scores 0-29 can register for Math 1130 with the 130S corequisite