What is Cisgender?

Cisgender/cis or Cissexual is a person who by nature or by choice conforms to gender-based expectations of society. Cisgender individuals tend to have a gender identity that is aligned with their birth sex, and thereby have a self-perception and gender expression that tends to match behaviors and roles considered appropriate for their birth sex. Cisgender people are also on a continuum of gender identities, and there is no one way that a cisgender person must be. It is important to recognize that even if two people identify as men (one being cis and the other being trans*+), they may lead very similar lives but deal with different struggles pertaining to their birth sex. The prefix cis is of Latin origin, meaning “on the same side (as),” and evolved from the use of the term transgender as a recognition and signifier that there are different types of gender identities.  (sM)