What happens in a tutoring session?

Due to the pandemic all tutoring is done by email, text messaging, and face to face Microsoft Teams sessions. To begin an email session you will email the tutor your work or assignment. The tutor will respond in an email addressing your concerns about your project, suggesting a plan for you to follow. You will work together during subsequent emails as needed. In a Teams session, you and the tutor will chat about your project in real-time. You will show the tutor your work on the screen, allowing for a live discussion. Tutors don’t do your work for you; instead, they work with you, showing you examples and strategies and asking you questions to help you find out what you want to say in your paper or what you know about quadratic equations. Your tutor’s goal is to help you learn skills that make you a better student; his or her job is to tutor you so well that you will not need a tutor anymore.

One thing to remember about tutors is that although they can help you succeed they are not required to know the answers to all your questions. Sometimes they will send you back to your instructor for clarification.