What happens in a tutoring session?

Tutoring is now available online through Zoom and in-person at the Tutoring Center. Whether meeting online or in-person, it is important that you arrive at your session with your assignment and the questions you have about it. Prior to an online session, your tutor might reach out to you via email and request additional information in order to prepare for your meeting.

You can expect to guide your session through your questions and statement of needs. Your tutor will look over your assignment and any work you bring to the session. You and your tutor may not get to everything within the 50-minute session and might just focus on a single section or area that represents the whole assignment or task. Your tutor will not do your work for you, give you the answers, or edit your paper. Instead, your tutor will help you find your own answers to move forward outside of the session by asking questions, suggesting strategies, providing resources, and facilitating critical and analytical thinking through active discussion. Your tutor’s goal is to help you learn skills that make you a better student and life-long learner.

One thing to remember about tutors is that although they can help you succeed, they are not required to know the answers to all your questions. Sometimes they will send you back to your instructor for clarification.