I have a pending or approved Medical or Religious Exemption for Covid vaccination, can I attend in-person classes or work in person at the college?

  • Required COVID-19 Testing
    Individuals who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption from receiving the vaccine are required to submit to weekly Covid-19 testing.
  • Who does this apply to?
    SFCC students and employees who have a pending or approved Religious or Medical exemption or accommodation from the vaccine requirement are subject to regular COVID testing and must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test every seven calendar days.
  • What tests are accepted?
  • Only PCR or NAAT tests will be accepted.  Mail-order PCR saliva tests are acceptable. In-home or rapid antigen tests are not acceptable for meeting the testing requirement.
  • Where do I get tested?The Covid tests will be at the expense of the student or employee.  Please view this NMDOH testing and screening site for testing resources.
  • Where do I report my results?Employees and students must submit their test results to…(Needs to be Determined) as soon as they are received, but no later than Friday each week. Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test is due every seven (7) calendar days.
  • What if my test results are Positive?If you test positive, you should quarantine yourself, report your positive diagnosis using instructions available on SFCC’s contact tracing site.