I can’t afford home internet access. Are there resources available to help me?

SFCC wifi internet access is available in the SFCC parking lot during daylight hours. More information: https://www.sfcc.edu/sfcc-wifi-access-available-from-parking-lots/

Many cell phone providers have announced plans in response to COVID-19. Check your provider for specific information. OIT has compiled a list of internet provider response to Covid-19. https://www.sfcc.edu/internet-providers-response-to-covid-19/


Internet essentials is a program which provides internet access to qualifying low income households. Additionally, they are offer low cost computers.
Visit: www.internetessentials.com

Lifeline Support is a federal program that lowers the cost of either phone or internet access
Visit www.lifelinesupport.org

Access from AT&T is a low-cost home internet service.
SFCC is not connected to any of the above programs and can’t guarantee availability.