EnergySmart Online Courses


Online Courses through the New Mexico EnergySmart Academy

Many of our classes start with an online component. Instructions about accessing the course can be found later down this page. Here are some specific courses we now offer online:

Utility Bill Analysis: (8 hours online) Approved for 4 BPI CEUs

Utility Bill (Analysis) is an advanced-level, web-based, self-directed course for energy auditors and quality control inspectors.In this course, students use utility bills to analyze and adjust energy-use models (from the Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistant computer program) better match real-world operating conditions.In order for energy-use models and energy-saving calculations to work well, they must reflect actual operating conditions and real-world energy-use.

Utility Bill (Analysis) addresses topics like, ‘what is the purpose of utility bill analysis, the mechanics of utility bill data input (in Weatherization Assistant 8), and how to identify/fix problems with the energy-use model.

Upon completion of the final project, students will have experience entering, using, and improving energy-use models whenever utility bill data is available.

Healthy Homes (24 hours online) Approved for 12 BPI CEUs and RESNET CEUs.

This self-paced class introduces you to the seven principles of healthy homes, using curriculum developed by the National Center for Healthy Housing,. There are regular short quizzes and assignments that need to be completed as you go through the class.

Notes about online courses:

Please note, for an online course you will need a computer, tablet or smart phone that can access the internet. You can use any internet browser to access this course. You will be watching videos so will need sufficient bandwidth to watch videos online.

You may also need a camera or smart phone that can take digital photos and video that can be uploaded to the internet or emailed to your instructor.

Online courses use the Canvas Learning Management System by Instructure. Once you have provided us with your email address, you will receive an email from Instructure that provides you access to the course. You will need to create a password. Please write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it.

Once you access the course, you will see information on the Home Page that explains the steps of using the online course. Please watch it carefully.

If you require any assistive technologies, please contact your instructor. Santa Fe Community College has a department dedicated to helping you with special accommodations.