Employee Satisfaction Survey


Every year, SFCC conducts an employee satisfaction survey to find out what is important and how satisfied employees feel in a number of areas. This survey is very important to the college because it tells us where the institution needs to direct our energy and resources. In particular, the results are used to inform our annual strategic planning process. (As a reference, below is a list of actions the college has taken based on the results of the previous survey.)

The survey is being administered by Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL). SFCC has chosen to work with RNL for their competitive pricing and because they deliver data that can be benchmarked against other community colleges nationwide. Using RNL also ensures the anonymity of survey respondents.

On Monday, March 26th all SFCC faculty and staff will receive an email invitation with a unique survey link from RNL. The survey will remain open through Monday, April 9, 2018 at midnight. You may complete it from any location where you can access your email. Please be prepared to spend 15-20 minutes completing it. A paper survey for Spanish speakers is available through the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE). Only Spanish speaking staff have the option to fill out the survey on paper. Supervisors should ensure that all other staff members have access to a computer with an internet connection to complete the survey.

The survey results should be received from RNL in late May or early June. A summary of the results will be shared with the campus after the faculty return for the Fall 2018 semester.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please do not hesitate to contact OPIE staff Barbara Griego or Julie Gallegos. We know that your time is valuable and we appreciate your feedback. Please use this survey as an opportunity to share your thoughts on what SFCC is doing well and what needs to be improved.

Actions taken based on previous Employee Satisfaction Surveys over the past five years:

Feedback relating to finances and budget:
• Successfully reduced the number of audit findings to one finding which has been corrected
• On track to add at least $500,000 to SFCC reserves for FY 2018 and possibly more
• Successfully campaigned for a local mil levy increase that will add an estimated 1.8 million dollars of operation revenue to the college
• Received an appropriation of $295,100 in additional performance funding dollars from the state in 2018
• Over $80,000 raised for student scholarships by the Foundation in AY 2017-2018
• Expanded the annual budget review process to include five faculty/staff teams that review elements of the budget and provide feedback
• Put into place a Board oversight committee and an employee financial oversight committee (chaired by faculty and staff senate representatives) that review finances monthly
• Provided institutional finance training to employees
• Managed an $850,000 cut from state funds in FY16-17

Feedback relating to wages:
• Received an appropriation of $148,416 from the State toward employee compensation and benefits in 2018
• In discussion with Staff Senate about developing a staff salary matrix
• Staff Salary Matrix taskforce presented findings to Executive Team and Governing Board
• Invited Staff Salary Matrix taskforce to be part of the FY2018 Budget Process

Feedback relating to communication:
• Began work on a new employee intranet to replace JACK
• Invited Staff and Faculty Senates to participate in weekly Executive Team meetings
• Held regular “Conversations with the President”
• Emailed regular updates from the President
• Used digital screens around campus to share announcements

Feedback relating to Shared Governance:
• Set up a regular meeting schedule for the Shared Governance Council
• Invited Staff and Faculty Senates to participate in weekly Executive Team meetings
• Held a campus-wide shared input and decision-making process for a Title V grant

Feedback relating to professional development and advancement:
• Initiated an opportunity and succession planning task force
• SFCC Foundation provided funding for professional development for faculty and staff with the expectation that the fund will be expanded over time
• Scheduled an employee development day each semester
• Initiated four new leadership classes for SFCC employees:
o The Leadership Institute,
o The Graduate Leadership Institute,
o The Leadership Institute’s Supervisory Series
o The Culture, Justice and Learning Institute

Feedback relating to human resources and hiring practices:
• Sent three faculty representatives to a workshop on minority faculty recruitment- shared strategies for increasing the percentage of Hispanic faculty at SFCC with the Executive Team

Feedback relating to needing more accountability and performance evaluation
• Staff performance evaluation process put into place. First cohort completed in Fall 2016
• Working with OIT and Staff Senate to make improvements to the staff evaluation tool.
• All fulltime faculty are completing performance evaluations in AY 2017-18

Feedback relating to technology:
• Put MySFCC into place as the new student portal
• Upgrading equipment in student labs
• Network upgraded with new core so that there will be fewer issues with the system
• Firewall was put into place to ensure academic freedom without compromising our security
• Next project is to upgrade the Wi-Fi on campus
o $25,000 allocated by the State to improve Wi-Fi signals
o Passed a successful local bond to help with improving Wi-Fi signals