Eligibility & Application


Who is Eligible for Student Accessibility Services?

Individuals who have visual, hearing, speech, learning, mobility or psychological disabilities, as well as those who have acquired brain injuries, chronic or intermittent health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, seizure disorders, cardiac disorders, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary disorders, or carpal tunnel syndrome may benefit from available services.

How to Apply

To determine your eligibility for support services you may call Student Accessibility Services at 428-1711,  between 8:00 a.m. and  5 p.m. or drop by our Office in the Atrium, suite LL312 to arrange an appointment with one of us.  We will sit down with you, go over your diagnostics, discuss your interests and goals, and register you with Disability Services if you qualify and if you are interested.  We will then assist you in your academic planning and help determine your accommodations and needs.


Disability related information is treated under strict rules of confidentiality.  The Office of Student Accessibility Services will not release documentation or the exact nature of the disability without the student’s permission.